Place Cards . . .What’s a Girl To Do

Should I Use Place Cards? If your reception planning is at all under way, then by now you’ve surly wrestled with this question: Place Cards or No Place Cards?

You’re likely asking yourself, and others, Why and How should or would I use place cards? Don’t worry if you’re still on the fence, we can help!

Utilizing place cards is a way of opting for assigned seating. You may want to do this if you’re having a particularly large reception or if you are going to be close to the capacity limits of your reception facility.

Using place cards will ensure groups of guests that may want to stay together, or families with small children , who will need to stay together, can do so.
It will save your host and hostess the trouble of awkward ‘truncating’ of the guests when a family of five walks in and can only find pockets of seats in twos or threes.

If you’re a networker at heart, then perhaps you’re opting for place cards so you can put guests together that may not already know each other but whom you feel would really hit it off (Think past-employer-turned-good-friend and old-college-roommate-looking-for-a-new-job or single-cousin-Chris and you’re fiance’s-sister-Beth.).

Utilizing place cards can be another way to introduce a theme, carry a theme or create fun at your reception.

Simply prepare a card for each guest. Their name should be on the front and their seating on the back.
Often times we see brides opting for table numbers. In this instance you’d have the table number on the back side of the card and you’d have your tables numbered.

Consider these options in lieu of numbers:
* Flowers – each table would have a different floral arrangement; roses, lilys, etc…
*Vineyard theme – each table would have a different bottle of wine or represent a region; Burgundy, Merlot, etc…
*Travel – Identify places that are meaningful to you and your fiance and each table could represent that place- the college town where you two first met, the country you’ll be honeymooning in, the cities you each were born in, etc…

Once you’ve decided how you’ll identify your tables and made your seating decisions, we recommend a table at your reception where guests can find their name cards.
A hostess can direct them to the tables based on the seat selections indicated on the back and the layout of your hall.

Regardless of your choices, the opportunities and benefits for utilizing place cards are numerous.

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Happy Planning

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