Who Knew Words Were This Much Fun?

Bananagrams Word Game

I have been addicted to this game for weeks. As a lover of word games, I think I’ve tried them all, but this is my favorite! It’s a great travel game since all the pieces fit inside a portable cloth banana pouch. Seven-year-olds love it just as much as 90-year-olds. Inside the pouch are 144 tiles which you place face down on any flat surface. The number of players determines how many tiles you take. You form as many words as you can with your tiles, but unlike Scrabble, you don’t have to wait your turn (hooray!). You can rearrange your words at any time, and nobody can play on what you’ve got going on. Each player races to be the first to make as many words as possible (connecting and intersecting them). Because the rounds can be so quick, it’s the perfect game for when you’re waiting for something and don’t have a lot of time. It’s so portable, versatile, easy, and fun, that it’s the perfect game for just about anyone any time!

Bananagrams won the Toy Industry of America’s 2009 Best Game of the Year award.

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