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Springtime Sale!

send in the clowns spring time sale

Fun, Puzzles

Always in the lookout to immerse into Harry Potter’s world? Now you can with Metal Earth’s Rubeus Hagrid Hut, and be amazed by the meticulous details on your 3D model!

Fun, Puzzles

Looking for a new fun game? Mobi is the numerical tile game, a fast-paced math game that brings together those who love numbers. Now available in stores.

Fun, Puzzles

Want your own loyal astromech droid? Now is your chance by building your own 3D metal BB-8 with the Star Wars collection from Metal Earth! Now available in stores!


Build your own Star Wars Millennium Falcon with the Metal Earth collection

The store now features many options of DIY Model building from the Metal Earth collection. Come test your skills and reach new horizons!
These amazingly detailed models start as square steel sheets and finish as  3-D models through your meticulous craft. Use the easy-to-follow instructions included with the sheet to pop out the pieces, bend the tabs, and connect them at the attachment points!

Fun, Puzzles

They’re Not Just For Kids!

Challenging educational puzzles with powerful graphics keep you captivated for hours! Adults and seniors love award-winning Scramble Squares® puzzles