In life, it’s all the little moments that make life a big adventure. Immortalize your experiences and sentiments in one of these stunning Paperblanks journals. Huge variety of address books, day planners and journals, in all shapes and sizes now in stores. Come pick one that suits your taste!
Every day is a blank page of your book waiting to be written.



Whether you’re writing on paper or a screen, you can’t go wrong with this canine helper!
Colors: red, green, blue, pink
Works with iPad, iPhone, other touch panels
Materials: ABS

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How Ya’ Feelin’??

THE DAILY MOOD™ fair warning for your co-workers
Some days the office is like a tea party, other days it’s a lions’ den. That’s why The Daily Mood

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Make A Note Of It

Journals and Day Planners
Send In The Clowns carries a wide selection of journals and Day Planners including

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Life Is Tough

Curly Girl Cards A fabulous line of greeting cards with poignant messages and a very funky style.
These cards have been a great add to our ever increasing

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Greeting Cards

A greeting card is much more than a folded piece of paper with a picture and a few words. Words can be very powerful and evocative. Images can too.