We carry a wide selection of interesting balloons for any occasion, Party items like invitations and ??? as well as many styles of napkins from classic to humourous to fit any event.

Flat Balloons

Latex Balloons are the standard balloons. The ones we carry are very good quality 11″ & 12″ balloons in many colours and patterns.

You can buy them:

  • Flat” – easy to carry and you blow them up yourself.
  • Air filled” – we fill them until they are the perfect size.
  • “Helium Filled” – inflated with lighter-than-air Helium they float wonderfully for about a day.
  • Treated Helium Filled” – same helium, but it won’t leak out as fast so they float for a many  days or more.

Mylar (Foil) Balloons are shiny and glamourous. The ones we carry come in an amazing range of coulours, shapes, and sizes.

You can buy them:

  • Special Message” – such as “Happy Birthday” or “Get Well Soon”
  • Popular figures” – Sharks, Raptors, Snow White and more
  • “Numbers or Letters” – spell your own special message, or add numbers to a bouquet

All mylar balloons are helium filled.

Large 3 foot tall balloon letters and numbers make a special gift for that special occasion. All are helium filled and last for days. Available in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold, they really are stunning, and can be added as focal balloon for any bouquet.

Delivery is available for a nominal fee.

Balloon Bouquets are a great way to express a sentiment, whether it is love or best wishes, or congratulations, we have ideas and balloons to make your moment special.

Mix and Match allows you to select the colours and styles for the best result.

We recommend a mimimum of 5 balloons for a stand alone bouquet, but as a table topper it could be as few as three (odd numbers ore more pleasing).

All ballooons in the bouquet are helium filled and come with colour matched ribbons and a co-ordinated weight so it doesn’t float away.

If you can’t get into the store, we offer delivery for a nominal fee.



We have items to help you plan your party, or to make it more enjoyable. Things like:

  • Invitations
  • Party Favours
  • etc.

You should see our assortment of napkins. Our goal is to provide you with a selection of very high quality beautiful items. We have

  • Classic Dinner Party, in multiple sizes to match your theme.
  • Patio/Lounge Party, for those occasions when you have a lot of people over
  • Birthday/Anniversay when the occassion is celebration of cirth, no matter the age.
  • Insulting/Quirky, when you and your firends could use a little laugh.
  • Seasonal, such as Christmas (including boxed cards), Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Canada Day, …

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