From an early age we are intrigued, fascinated, by balloons. As we get older, we still get a thrill from balloons, but usually in an impressive bouquet. Balloons with an appropriate message, tied with ribbons, floating lightly in space, make a great gift.

And we have one of the best selections of high quality balloons, and talented bouquet designers will be happy to create a memorable bouquet.

Balloon Bouquets

Just some of the bouquets that we have created. All have multiple mylar (foil) balloons and multiple printed latex balloons.

Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are the most common, and least expensive, balloons available. Ours are very high quality, and usually a bit larger than those sold by others. The come in fascinating colours, prints, and textures. 

Mylar Balloons

Shiny balloons always make a statement, either alone, or preferably as part of a bouquet. All of ours include helium fill which makes them dance in the slightest breeze. They should last about a week, but sometimes even longer.

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